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Making Learning Stick

This year, the Faculty of Mathematics at my school has been focusing on increasing what TeacherToolkit (in one of his famous ‘5 Minute plans‘) calls ‘stickability’ of learning. I have an ongoing and passionate interest in how the brain works … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Quality of Mathematics Instruction

I recently discovered the existence of this fantastic tool, developed by Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2010. It is specifically aimed at teachers of mathematics and gives a list of aspects of the mathematics classroom that should be in … Continue reading

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What a privilege

I had my final year 9 class yesterday. This year, I have actively tried to take a more ‘interventionist’ approach and purposefully used formative assessment more often, engaged students in more peer-peer teaching, openly discussed approaches to learning such as … Continue reading

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Change – the Fullan way

Spent yesterday working with colleagues from my school and Michael Fullan. The title of the session was Change – making it happen in your school and system. Lots of thinkering. He started with asking us to articulate our goals for … Continue reading

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Observing Learning

I have been involved in a trial process for what it means to be a Highly Accomplished Teacher in Australia, what a Highly Accomplished Teacher would look like and how to gather ‘evidence’ to support the determination. As a part of the … Continue reading

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A Postscript

Thank you Stephen Dinham. I have just read The Conversation – Why We Are Never Satisfied with Teachers THIS is why I felt so bad after the ACER conference. Whilst I am a great proponent of the continually improving teacher … Continue reading

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Evidencing Professional Practice = Improving the Profession?

I have recently been pondering on the question of what should constitute sufficient evidence of highly accomplished practice and how one goes about assembling said evidence in such a way as to convince someone who does not know me or … Continue reading

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