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Change – the Fullan way

Spent yesterday working with colleagues from my school and Michael Fullan. The title of the session was Change – making it happen in your school and system. Lots of thinkering. He started with asking us to articulate our goals for … Continue reading

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All Flipped Out

I have been meaning to write a post about the flipped classroom and its use, particularly, in mathematics classes, for a while. After a week’s leave in Outback South Australia and then a week dealing with the flu, I have finally … Continue reading

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Teaching the Unteachable, Learning the Unlearnable

Richard Noss is co-director of the London Knowledge Lab, an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Institute of Education andBirkbeck, two colleges of the University of London. He is Professor of Mathematics Education at the IOE, holding a Masters degree in pure mathematics and a PhD … Continue reading

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I came across this term from The Creativity Post. The February 18 post attributes the original use of the term to Michael Ondaatje in his novel The English Patient. In an educational sense, this post refers to the importance of … Continue reading

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Teaching Mathematics? Make it count

This was the title of the annual ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) Research Conference for 2010 which was held in Melbourne August 15-17. I had the opportunity to attend 2 days of this conference. You can read more about … Continue reading

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Jing screencasts and their use in mathematics

I have blogged briefly about Jing before, just after I returned from the inaugural, and the one and only, National Summer School for Teachers of Mathematics a couple of years ago. It is a freely downloadable software program that allows … Continue reading

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Whose Learning is on a Curve?

An article in today’s Sunday Age (“Brace for a steep re-learning curve in the classroom” by Mark Pesce) has inspired this post. In this article, the author asserts that: (1) “The classroom exists entirely outside the hyperative media sphere that … Continue reading

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