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I have been involved in secondary mathematics education in Victoria, Australia for over 25 years.

What a privilege

I had my final year 9 class yesterday. This year, I have actively tried to take a more ‘interventionist’ approach and purposefully used formative assessment more often, engaged students in more peer-peer teaching, openly discussed approaches to learning such as … Continue reading

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Change – the Fullan way

Spent yesterday working with colleagues from my school and Michael Fullan. The title of the session was Change – making it happen in your school and system. Lots of thinkering. He started with asking us to articulate our goals for … Continue reading

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Observing Learning

I have been involved in a trial process for what it means to be a Highly Accomplished Teacher in Australia, what a Highly Accomplished Teacher would look like and how to gather ‘evidence’ to support the determination. As a part of the … Continue reading

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A Postscript

Thank you Stephen Dinham. I have just read The Conversation – Why We Are Never Satisfied with Teachers THIS is why I felt so bad after the ACER conference. Whilst I am a great proponent of the continually improving teacher … Continue reading

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ACER research conference 2012

I attended this conference in Sydney recently. Its focus this year was School Improvement: What does the research tell us about effective strategies? Below are my notes on the sessions I attended. PowerPoint presentations of Conference Proceedings can be found here. … Continue reading

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Evidencing Professional Practice = Improving the Profession?

I have recently been pondering on the question of what should constitute sufficient evidence of highly accomplished practice and how one goes about assembling said evidence in such a way as to convince someone who does not know me or … Continue reading

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All Flipped Out

I have been meaning to write a post about the flipped classroom and its use, particularly, in mathematics classes, for a while. After a week’s leave in Outback South Australia and then a week dealing with the flu, I have finally … Continue reading

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