Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce

No, not the movements I have to make on my office chair to remain comfortable…although it’s getting closer to something like this as I get older, I have to admit!

This is the title of an AfL technique for asking questions in classes in order to encourage more to participate in the learning, not allow some to ‘opt out’ and to engender richer, deeper thinking.

I am grateful to a colleague at school who put me onto this article and the resource from which it comes – the teacher network blog associated with The Guardian paper from the UK.

This particular technique is about Posing the question, Pausing for a while, Pouncing on a student (no hands up!), getting a response then Bouncing that response to another student (“thanks for that, Mary….Ruth – what do you think of Mary’s response?”).

Excellent. I’ve tried this sort of thing in the past but it’s ‘nice’ to have a neat PPPP descriptor for it …and the reminder has made me want to purposefully plan for this in an upcoming lesson.


About Linda

I have been involved in secondary mathematics education in Victoria, Australia for over 25 years.
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