I’ve been spending some of these holidays looking at some web resources and came across John Mason’s website. It is full of some great ideas and he has generously put his presentation resources on this site for others to download and use. There are PowerPoints on developing and supporting creativity in mathematics, encouraging mathematical thinking and the use of examples in mathematics instruction. I have previously blogged about his great little book, Thinkers. This is a fantastic site and has given me all sorts of ideas for 2010. In these presentations he gives examples of how to use some of the Thinkers ideas in classes.

I am thinking along the lines of making “Noticing” the faculty theme. Teachers noticing when and what students are doing and thinking (and intervening to correct misconceptions – assessment for learning) and students noticing, in terms of looking closely, recognising patterns, seeing when it’s appropriate to generalise and when it is not, what the invariants are in a situation, what the limitations are etc.

This site is well worth many visits.


About Linda

I have been involved in secondary mathematics education in Victoria, Australia for over 25 years.
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