A Mathematician’s Lament

Yes…I know…two posts in two days…someone, somewhere, isn’t working me hard enough..

Read the latest Vinculum today (magazine of the Maths Association of Victoria) and came across the article called Lockhart’s Lament – A critique of K-12 School Mathematics. This is an abridged version of a paper written by Paul Lockhart in 2002 called A Mathematician’s Lament. It’s well worth a look – don’t be put off by its length.

THIS is what mathematics is about….the reason I, with my predilection for the aesthetic, the cultural, the philosophical, the imaginative…for ‘knowing’, love its ideas, its wonderings, its sense of ‘play’ and the myriad of opportunities to challenge & extend thinking. It’s the reason I don’t like linking mathematics to science..it’s more like the art I love.


“A piece of mathematics is like a poem, and we can ask if it satisfies our aesthetic criteria: is this argument sound? Does it make sense? Is it simple and elegant? Does it get me closer to the heart of the matter?”


About Linda

I have been involved in secondary mathematics education in Victoria, Australia for over 25 years.
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