Summer School

I have been fortunate enough to have been selected to attend the inaugural Federal Government’s Summer School for mathematics teachers this coming January at the University of New England.

Delegates received their workshop programs today via email and it looks exciting! There are keynote addresses by Professor John Geake on The Brain and Mathematics, Professor Gilah Leder on Student Diversity, Dr Sue Thompson on PISA 2006 and TIMSS, Ms Debbie Efthymiades on Assessment for Learning, Professor Doug Clarke on Challenging the Engaging the Middle Years Students in Mathematics and Dr Burkhard Polster on Mathematical Paradoxes, Associate Professor Merrilyn Goos on ICT Pedagogy, Professor Kaye Stacey on Mathematical Thinking, Professor John Hattie on What Works Best in Teaching and Professor Peter Sullivan on Leading Learning about Mathematics Teaching.

There are also sessions on ICT and the teaching and learning of mathematics, time for formal and informal discussions and only one afternoon off to explore the locality!!

Most of the keynote speakers are familiar to me and I am familiar with their work in the field of mathematics education. I respect their knowledge enormously and they never fail to inspire me. I look forward to being re-invigorated, having my thinking challenged and horizons broadened and engaging in valuable conversations that move us all forward.

I will blog about the experience either during or after – will probably depend on the time I have available in the evenings!!

In the meantime, my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and I hope that 2008 beckons you forward with the promise of wonderful things to experience and wonder at.



About Linda

I have been involved in secondary mathematics education in Victoria, Australia for over 25 years.
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